Read me!

The following is information I will absolutely require in order to fill-in for your regular drummer.
Please send me this information as soon as you are able so that I may be more fully prepared for the performance!
Thank you in advance!

Basic info:
  • Setlists
  • Pay amount (not including travel expenses)
  • Load-in time (earliest & latest)
  • Load-in location (if awkward or not obvious)
  • Sound-check time
  • Performance start-time & length
  • Performance end-time
  • Length of breaks
  • Will there be any bands before/after us?
  • How much time to switch bands/setup?
Venue info:
  • Name
  • Address (or location of outdoors)
  • Backline provided? Do I need to bring my own gear, or am I forced to play a “house” kit?
  • Will I require any in-ear monitor equipment?
  • Size of stage & the size of drum-riser (if applicable)
Overnight accommodations:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Check-in time (earliest)
  • Check-out time (latest)