Performance and Studio

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Generally, my rates are comparable to any other musician. I usually require no less than $150/performance after travel and lodging expenses. Anything outside of a 30 mile radius I will ask you to cover my fuel expenses. I am reliable, on time, not argumentative, and I take suggestions as positive feedback. You may speak with anyone I’ve worked with to know that I am a professional. You can visit my videos page to see samples of my live performances. For longer stretches such as tours or being gone several weeks at a time … remember that most musicians are also instructors full-time. Therefore, I will need to work with you for a larger rate in order to compensate the loss of that income, and the potential loss of future incomes.

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Studio sessions

I will perform any style except speed metal (it is just not my thing). From latin, jazz, country to heavy rock, you can visit my videos page to see a sample of my actual studio work. I take great pride and care in getting a cut as close to exact as possible, and appropriate for the music. I am in this to make YOUR MUSIC SOUND GOOD, not to show off. In the studio, time is money. And I will ensure that everything I do is with as much efficiency and exactness and professionalism as possible. No problems recording to a click track, or moving around it for something more fluid if that’s what you want. Whether deep pocket or strong push, I make everything I record sound fluid and alive, not mechanical and mundane. My rates are reasonable. I am not in any musician’s union, so I do not charge per hour usually. But every situation is unique, depending on the time spent in the studio, the number of songs, and your actual budget. But generally, to go to your studio of choice, I have a minimum of $200/8hrs (however long), regardless. You’ll find that I am easy-going yet anal about my sound; cool-tempered yet aggressive in my approach to accomplishing the task. I don’t thrash about when things go wrong, which they invariably do. If you are recording out of my town (Atlanta area), then I will require travel expenses. Any normal travel is considered a commute just like anyone else that has to go to work. So, that requirement is within reason.

For recording work in my studio, I charge only what I would for a live performance, which is $100 for about four hours (usually about one song). This will include tracking and producing (if I am drumming). You are simply paying me for my time, as if it were a gig. However, this may or may not include mixing and editing. I do no do mastering, but I know those who can master a final product. Please ask me what I will charge for mixing and editing.