My Core Values

The following Core Values are how I operate both personally and professionally.

This is a life-development list, not a set of rules created that I cannot follow. These are values I have learned to live by for various reasons. They are true to who I am; they are what defines me. You will notice how my “Career” list is quite similar to my “Friendship” list. That is because I see no difference between the two.

My Core Values:

  1. God first
    1. Representing God, my Savior, Yeshua in both relationships and in work ethic
    2. Treating people as I would wish to be treated
    3. Forgive those who have done wrong
    4. Love is an action, not an emotion
    5. Your body is your vessel, a gift to help others; guard it, care for it
    6. Your money is a means to care for others; pray for it to improve
  2. Family second
    1. Wife
    2. Kids
    3. Unity, truth and togetherness
    4. Pursue each others’ Love Languages:
      1. Acts of service
      2. Quality time
      3. Material gifts
      4. Conversing
      5. Words of affirmation
      6. Physical touch
  3. Friendships third
    1. Friendships are priority above career
    2. Avoid poisonous people
    3. Be *their* friend even if they are not
    4. Be involved in their lives
    5. Offer unsolicited help
    6. Accept the faults of others as well as your own
    7. Never, ever, ever, give in to bullies
    8. Defend others who cannot defend themselves
    9. Diffuse difficult situations; destress those full of tension, including yourself
  4. Career
    1. Treat each person with dignity and respect
    2. Advance only by bringing others up first
    3. Give the power to others. If they don’t want it, then it is yours
    4. Pay what you owe, before you owe it;  be understanding when others, but be firm
    5. Always defer doubt the benefit of others
    6. Exceed expectations, be over-prepared
    7. Arrive on time is to arrive late; always arrive early whenever possible
    8. Ask for help. Accept help. Offer help; do this always
    9. Work harder than everyone else
    10. Continually improve, seek honest constructive feedback
    11. Empower, encourage, endorse other people
    12. Do what is right under all circumstances
    13. P.I.E
      1. Performance
      2. Image
      3. Exposure