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Drum solo (cover) of Tom Knight’s original: Night Crawler (Solo only)

4-Minute Samba

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“Tyrone is the consummate perfectionist and his drums have a tone that is remarkable and I think that is just one of many things that sets him apart. He is easily the best drummer I have ever played with.”

— JC Bridwell interview for Georgia Country music awards, November, 2013


I reply quickly to emails and voice messages. Please use the contact link to reach me. Email is a primary source of communication with me and is available to me at all times, no matter where I am.

As the title of this website indicates, I am a solid, tenacious, career-oriented professional drummer. I wish to work with only highly trained or highly experienced musicians. Regardless, it’s all fun to me. If it were not fun, I would not work so hard for it.

I am officially endorsing Soultone Cymbals and Bootleg Drums

Tyrone Steele (on track)

Tyrone Steele (on track)

I not only can perform to a click, I mostly insist upon it for various reasons.

I am a member of Atlanta Grammy 365IMG_7864 - Tyrone (Bootleg) copyIMG_5793






I consider myself a professional in the industry. I am on time. I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t have hang-ups or personal issues. I play what is required (and only that). I have tons of references and connections in the industry. I am professionally trained by some of the top-knotch drummers in the industry, including a one-on-one lesson with Dave Weckl, the master himself.
I have three different drum kits for various styles of music. I have professional equipment, including my own mixing console and mic’s for drum mixing during a professional gig. I play all styles of music. I study the material. I site-read most everything that I haven’t already committed to memory.

Musical tendencies are toward fusion rock, be-bop jazz. However, I have experience in other styles. Outgoing personality, easy to work with, very creative and resourceful.

Tyrone Steele

Tyrone Steele

Styles: Country, jazz fusion (Latin, rock), be-bop jazz; rock, metal, (no thrash);
Received instruction at the Atlanta Institute of Music by:
Tom Knight (Personal instruction)
Jack Jones (Personal instruction)
Creig Harber, Eric Sanders
Received personal instruction from Dave Weckl, January, 2011

Please call at your earliest convenience:
Tyrone Steele
770 695 3683

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I look forward to doing business with you.