Soultone Cymbals

As of February, 2014, I am officially endorsing Soultone Cymbals for their amazing sound, look and feel, and their service, which has been nothing short of extraordinary on all accounts.
These cymbals are able to chameleon into any genre: Rock, fusion, jazz, country … light, heavy … it doesn’t matter. I’ve yet to use them and be disappointed.

I use the following cymbals:

  • Extreme 6″ Splash
  • Extreme 8″ Splash
  • Extreme 17″ Crash
  • Extreme 19″ Crash
  • Gospel 19″ China
  • Latin Prototype 21″ Ride
  • Extreme 14″ HH


Please visit the link at the top of this page to see my Soultone profile.




Ride and China